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Instagram bug exposed some users Password.

Instagram bug exposes some users password - qasimtricks,com

According to the information, Instagram notified an unconfirmed number of affected users that a new tool that debuted in April was the cause of the security error. Called “Download Your Data,” the tool is a strong dose of irony, allowing users to see how much of their personal data Instagram has collected. The tool was created to comply with new data privacy regulations in Europe, although one imagines that having a customer base that’s increasingly worried about their privacy is another core motivator.

Facebook notified affected Instagram users that when they utilized the feature, it sent their password in plaintext in the URL. For some reason, these passwords were also stored on Facebook's servers, however the notification said that data has been deleted and the tool was updated so it won't happen now.

Instagram bugs exposes some users password -

A spokesperson issued a statement to the Information, saying the issue impacted a “small number of people,” but conceded that people sharing a network may also have had their data compromised. Users who didn’t receive a notification are apparently fine, but it never hurts to enable two-factor authorization if you haven’t already.

An exposure of this kind is just another troubling episode to hit Facebook.

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