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Samsung Galaxy S10 Official look revealed.

Samsung galaxy s10 official look leaked -

Hole infinity design is coming and to show that there are many galaxy S10 renders but they all are renders nothing has come directly from Samsung until yesterday and he shot out to Mark Peters from let's go digital for bringing out what could possibly be the actual closest to the real deal Samsung galaxy S10 design.

So here it is in the pic below you can see the hole infinity design of the galaxy S10 the infinity o has been found in Samsung newest patent, according to let's go digital these are the first real images from Samsung electronics showing a full-screen smartphone with a camera hole in the display.

Samsung galaxy s10 official look leaked -

The photos were used by the Samsung Electronic in the design patent which was applied for at the Hague - International design system, where companies can file an industrial design patent which after after approval can automatically by 10 different countries. The sole patent includes the images of the designs so no text whatsoever, there are total of 51 different designs attached to this patent so many models but ultimately Samsung chose these ford that they showed off at the developer conference and out of 51 different designs they only posted two colors photos or you can say the render of a phone with the hole on the left.

They did that for a reason because this could be the closest and very well be the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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