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Introducing Samsung Galaxy F.

Samsung Galaxy F series -
Photo Source - Let's go Digital

The Samsung galaxy F there's been a fiery Samsung news week so much stuff came up regarding the Galaxy S10 and as exciting that there is something even more exciting and that is the foldable future.

Samsung showed off a developer conference behind the scenes that most of you don't know so Galaxy F was indeed shown at the developer conference but it was hidden inside the big case, yes the actual foldable phone from Samsung won't be a thick break like that, in fact it's going to be a very decent looking phone and tablet and this stuff might actually show you what the real foldable phone from Samsung could look like when folded and unfolded.

Samsung Foldable Phones - Galaxy f -
Source - Concept creator

Alright first up is the display of specification as the slide shows we have this folded form and unfolded form and from the first impression, we can say that the galaxy f is sort of a makes hi-bred of a tablet with an ipad pro look and 4.6 in compact phone of 2015. First is the folded form this is what being called as the cover display.

It's got a resolution of 840*1960 and has a 420 PPI it's going to be pretty sharp and then we have the main display which is the unfolded form that is the tablet phone which is said to have a 7.3 inch display but it's pretty wide and as the same PPI as the cover display which is coming at 240 which is nice. It is twice than their latest tablet, the galaxy tab s4 and the resolution is 1536*2150.

Samsung Foldable Phones - Galaxy F -
Source - Concept creator

Do this look pretty interesting, giving us tablet and phone features all in one devices. this slides pretty much pushed the difference between your traditional phone and a foldable phone so you get an immersive and richer experience thanks to a much larger display that a Foldable phone.

Will offer compared to your traditional galaxy phone the ability to have a tablet with just a fall is pretty cool and you don't have to use the tablet all the time as the folio mode will turn it in to a compact pocket able phone four 4.6 inch is easy to handle with hand and everything working like calls messaging.

We have pretty much the full 1ui running on this folded phone mode with app continuity all of your applications will seamlessly switch to a bigger display without any problem, for example this maps application there's something called multi resume which will work with multi windows to allow the true multi tasking.

Samsung Foldable Phones - Galaxy F -
Source - Concept creator

It is the feature that is coming to native Android q is the next version of Android and when foldable phone Samsung is introducing true multi tasking, where it will have up to three applications running simultaneously looking at all this stuff.

Galaxy S10 we talked about it a lot and also the foldable phone i honestly can't wait to see this thing getting a proper show case at CES which is expected to happen next year is definitely packing some semi greatness.

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