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Android Q leak reveals Dark mode, Desktop Mode and more

Android Q leaks - qasimtricks
Pic - fossbytes
Android P, the pre-release version of what eventually became Android 9 Pie, dropped in March. So we're probably not that far away from a preview of the next version of Android, which will is expected to be called Android Q. But XDA Developers apparently managed to spend some time with a very early version of Android’s next big update, and although it doesn’t offer the full view, it does provide a look at some of what Google might have planned.

XDA Developers has gotten its hands on a pre-release version of Android Q and has produced an article and video detailing what's inside. Keep in mind: this is a pre-release version of a developer preview, so there are plenty of things that are subject to change. So far though, it looks like Android P's dark mode is extending to more of the system UI, and privacy and permissions controls are getting a big update. 

The Android Q build that we obtained has a fully functional system-wide dark mode in Display settings, so we’re confident that Google is still working on the feature. Most of the screenshots you’ll see in this article are with the dark theme enabled, in fact. To enable the dark theme, you just have to tap on the “Set Dark mode” option in Display settings. You can set the dark theme to always be enabled or automatically be enabled depending on the time of day. Once enabled, the Settings, Launcher, Launcher settings, and Files app all gain a dark gray tinge. The volume panel, Quick Settings panel, and notifications all turn black. Even third-party notifications like download notifications from Google Chrome are themed black.

Click here to install Android Q beta.

We don’t have a lot to show here, but we found a very interesting new Developer Option called “force desktop mode.” Its description reads “force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays.” This sounds to me like it’s going to be a Samsung DeX or EMUI Easy Projection-type feature, but I wasn’t able to actually test it since nothing happened when I plugged in my USB Type-C to HDMI adapter. Also, for some reason, I was unable to connect to Wi-Fi so I couldn’t test whether this experimental desktop mode works via the cast option.

Google unveiled some of Android 9 Pie’s major new features back in May of last year, so you can expect to hear more about Q and whatever new functionality it will bring around that time. Both Android Oreo and Android Pie were released in August after a few months of beta testing. 

Here's the video :-


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