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Xiaomi’s Double Folding Phone has been revealed in a video

Xiaomi’s Double Folding Phone has been revealed in a video - qasimtricks

Xiaomi’s folding phone has been revealed in a teaser video from the company. Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bin, detailing the double folding phone. Both sides of the device can be folded backwards to transform it from a tablet form factor into more of a compact phone. Unlike other foldable phones we’ve seen recently, this certainly looks a more practical use for the technology.

Bin says that the company had to come up with its own hinge technology to fold the display (no mention of who is the panel manufacturer), the screen protective material, and adapt their Android-based MIUI operating system to create the Xiaomi foldable. Bin also said that it may be called Xiaomi Dual Flex or Xiaomi MIX Flex, although he’s open to suggestions from Weibo commenters.

First, Xiaomi's folding phone has incredibly small bezels, which makes it far more attractive, both in tablet and smartphone form. Second, the UI is fast and fluid, and even switching from tablet to smartphone mode takes about one second. Finally, now we can see the phone from the back, and it doesn't really look very clunky, even when folded. 

But overall, it looks pretty good even in this stage, and it seems to already be ahead of some of its competition.

Here's the video :-


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