How to create Youtube Auto Subscribe link - Qasim Tricks

You can create your Youtube channel Auto Subscribe link so when someone clicks on that link then they will automatically subscribe to your Youtube channel.

So if you want to create the auto-subscribe link of your channel then follow the method below.

Create an Auto-Subscribe link to your channel

First of all, visit your channel and copy the link to your channel.

Now your link will look similar to this

now the only thing you want to do is to put the following code at the end of the link


then it should look like this

So this is it, the auto-subscribe link has been created and when someone clicks the above link they will get the popup to confirm subscription.

You can create this link for every channel, just the thing you have to do is to put this


code at the end of the channel link

For example, if you have a custom link like

then do this

So now just click on that link and then you can see that the auto-subscribe link has been created.

So this is the way to create an auto subscription link for your youtube channel, if you have any questions then you can ask in the comments section below.