How Split long videos in to a 30 Seconds/Custom Parts with just One Click

How Split long videos in to a 30 Seconds Parts or in a Custom Seconds with just One Click -

You can't post more than 30 seconds videos in Whatsapp Status or in Instagram Stories, they only allow you to upload 30 seconds videos.

You can now Split any long video into 30 seconds with just one click and can upload the whole video to your WhatsApp status or in the Insta stories as a part.

This method will really help you to split any long videos into 30 seconds with just one click.

You can also split the whole video into custom seconds like 20 sec, 30 sec, 50 sec, etc all in just one click. 

This method will be really helpful for Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp users.

You can download the Video Split app using the link below:- 

How to use this App to Split Videos

1) First of all download and install Video Split App from the Link Above.

2) Now open the App and click on Split Video.

3) Now select the video you want to Split.

4) Now After selecting the video, you will find three options;- Whatsapp Split, Custom Split, and Single Split

Whatsapp Split:- If you select Whatsapp Split then it will automatically convert the whole video into 30 seconds parts.

Custom Split:- Here if you select 20 seconds the whole video will split into 20 seconds, if you select 50 whole video will split into 50 seconds, you can split the video into custom seconds using this option.

Single Split - Using this option you can split the video into any single part easily.

5) Select the option you want, then click on the tick export button then it will take some to convert.

6) Now you will find all videos parts in the Internal Storage/DCIM/VideoSplitter

You can also watch this video below to easily know how to Split long videos into 30 seconds:-

So in this way, you can split the videos into 30 seconds or more in one click.

If you still have any questions then you can ask me in the comment section below.

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