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Samsung shows off the Galaxy Fold folding test in the video

Samsung shows off the Galaxy Fold folding test in the video -

Samsung is attempting to put to rest doubts over the Samsung Galaxy Fold's durability by revealing how each device is tested. The company released a video on Wednesday that shows its devices undergoing a factory stress-test, where a line-up of brand new Samsung Galaxy Folds fold, and then unfold, and then fold again.

There’s something almost soothing about watching all the phones fold open and shut in perfect synchronization, but more importantly, the stress tests are giving us what might be the best look yet at what the Galaxy Fold actually looks like when its folding.

The screens are fast to turn on, there doesn’t seem to be that big of a gap when the device is closed, and there also doesn’t seem to be the creasing issue that early reports claimed might be a problem.
When folded, the two phone parts of the Galaxy Fold sit at roughly an 85-degree angle. This means the display won't be entirely flat when your folded Galaxy Fold is resting on a desk or another flat surface.

Samsung promises that the Fold will be able to outlast 200,000 folds and unfolds, which it estimates to roughly five years of use, assuming 100 folds a day. The Galaxy Fold will be available for sale in the US on April 26, and pricing starts at $1,980.

Here's the video :-


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