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How to move any apps to SD card on Android without Root

How to move any apps to SD card on Android without Root -

If you want to move any installed app on your mobile to SD Card then you can do that easily, today in this article i am going to show you the easy trick so using this trick you can move any of your installed on your Android mobile to your SD Card. So if you want to move your apps to SD Card the follow the steps below :-

1) So if you go to Settings - Apps - ( select any app ) - Storage then here you didn't find the option of moving it to SD Card, while some apps like messenger have the option to move from android to sd card as you can see in the pics below

But other apps like Twitter didn't have the option of moving to sd card

So the only thing we have to do is to enable this option for all the apps. 

2) So Open settings on your mobile and then go to About Phone - Software Information - Build number, now tap on build numbers for the 7 times to enable the developer options.

3) Now go back to the settings and go to Developer Options.

4) Now scroll down to end and then you will this type of option " Force allow apps on External ", now enable this option.

5) Now after you enable that option, go back to the Apps tab on settings.

6) Now click on any App you want to move to the Sd card and then click on Storage and now here you will find the option of moving to sd card click on it. As you can see in the pic below twitter now have the option of changing storage.

7) Now Click on the Move button and then the app will move from your Android to your SD Card.

8) Now you will find Move to sd card option on every app, so you can move any apps to your sd card easily.

So in this way you can move any app to SD Card. If you have any question then you can ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Visiting Qasimtricks.

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