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Android Q name for the OS would have been 'Queen Cake'

Android Q name for the OS would have been 'Queen Cake'
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Android OS version 10 will be the first time that an Android version won't get a public name since Cupcake, which was released in 2009. With the upcoming OS, Google has decided to only rely on numbers to reduce potential confusion due to users with different cultural backgrounds all around the world. That doesn't mean the company doesn't have a sweet name up its sleeve, though. During an 
All About Android podcast, two Googlers revealed that they would've called Android 10 Queen Cake externally and are calling it Quince Tart internally with the former already leaked to the public before. 

Dave and Dan said the Android brand wasn't created with a "huge amount of thought," and it was done with "the minimum they could to get started." Version 10 of the OS gives the team a chance to start fresh and give the brand genuine, thoughtful planning.

Android Q marks the perfect time allowing the brand to mature with an eye towards the future. It's also good to know the team at Mountain View won't be letting all the fun go to the wayside by keeping up with naming traditions internally. Now officially Android next version should be called 'Android 10' not Android Q.

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