Nokia top of the global rankings of getting Android updates with 96% of its phones running Android Pie

Nokia top of the global rankings of getting Android updates with 96% of its phones running Android Pie
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A new report from the research firm Counterpoint shows how different manufacturers have pushed updates in the past year (Q3 2018 – Q2 2019). It notes that Nokia leads the race for pushing updates, with 96 percent of the phones it’s shipped in the past year running Android Pie 9.0. The Korean giant Samsung is in the second spot with 89 percent of its devices running the latest Android version. It’s worth noting that Counterpoint Research doesn’t include Essential or OnePlus within these Android update rankings. This list only ranks the efforts of the top 10 global manufacturers. This means that due to sales figures, OnePlus and Essential are excluded despite having a good update track record.

Unfortunately, LG is sitting all the way back at 8th place with an embarrassingly low 16% of its phones running Android Pie. Not only is Nokia number one when it comes to updating its phones, but it also ranks as the fastest to do so. The Counterpoint Research graph shows that Nokia has moved faster than any other of the top ten brands at pushing out the Android Pie update. The graph also places Lenovo in second for speed and Samsung comes in third. Even so, both brands fall far behind Nokia when it comes to the number of phones they updated within a year of Android Pie's release.

Updates are always a sore point when picking up a phone from anyone other than Google on the Android side of the fence. Google has tried to help fix this issue by pushing fixes directly through Google Play Services, with Project Mainline and Project Treble also aimed at helping to improve the Android update rate. Third-party OEMs are still heavily responsible for pushing out updates on time or in good time, though.

Looking at the report, Nokia has done a fantastic job of keeping their phones updated and secure. However, many brands need to pay much more attention to pushing the latest software and security updates to their phones across different price ranges.

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