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Huawei Delays Launch of Foldable Mate X

Huawei Delays Launch of Foldable Mate X

After missing the promised June release for its Mate X, Huawei now says the folding phone won’t be available until after November but is optimistic it could still arrive before the end of 2019. Unfortunately for those looking to get one of such handsets, it will only be available in the fourth quarter, months later than expected originally. Featuring an 8-inch foldable display with a 2480x2200 resolution and an 8:7 aspect ratio, the Huawei Mate X was expected to be released in the middle of 2019. At some point, its launch was postponed to September and recently the company said that it would be available only in November. The delay will likely be the last one as the company is looking forward to start selling its flagship 5G device ahead of the holiday sales season in Europe and the US.

It’s not certain what fixes or changes Huawei is making to the Mate X, but to date, the company has been very protective of the device during hands-on opportunities with the press. After the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Fold were discovered, it’s safe to assume that Huawei is doing everything it can to address the Mate X’s folding hinge to prevent dirt and debris from getting inside, which is believed to be what caused damage to the Galaxy Fold’s flexible OLED display while it was in the hands of reviewers.

A spokesperson for Huawei has share an official statement regarding availability of the Mate X: “Huawei confirms that Mate X is still scheduled for launch between September and November 2019.”

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