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iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks - 20 Best iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks

iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks - 20 Best iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks

iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks

iPhone 11 is a great iPhone model that brings a lot of features, if you've just picked up the new iphone 11 then here are few tips and tricks of iphone 11 that will help you to get the most from your device.

iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks

1. Using the New Gesture

Home Screen

Swiping up from the Home bar when using an app leads to the Home screen. This gesture also unlocks the device.

Control Center

This is accessed by swiping down from the top-right side of the display, to the right of the notch.

Hey Siri

Apple’s voice assistant can be accessed by tapping and holding on the Side button, or by simply saying “Hey Siri.”

Notification Center

This is accessed with a simple swipe down from the notch on top of the display.

Force Quite

Swiping an app card up on the App Switcher will force that app to quit.

2. Haptic Touch

3D Touch feature is now replaced by Haptic Touch. Now you can simply tap and hold on an object to reveal a contextual menu. This means that there’s a new way to rearrange apps. And previews work differently in Safari. But overall, this is a welcome change. Just try to tap and hold on an menu, link or app icon for more info.

3. Dark Mode

Dark Mode flips the color scheme, resulting in white text floating over a dark background. To toggle dark mode, open Control Center, and tap and hold on the Brightness bar. In the bottom-left corner, you’ll see a new Dark Mode toggle. Tap on it to switch to the Dark mode.

4. Night Mode

Night Mode finally added to iPhone 11. Users can take dramatic still during nighttime or in dim lighting conditions. The night mode feature works automatically and there’s no button for it in the UI. It will come on automatically when the Camera app detects that you’re in a low-light situation. It doesn’t work with the ultra wide sensor.

5. Fast Charging

Apple sends an 18W charger with the new iPhone 11 Pro, but doesn’t send one with the iPhone 11. Those who buy an iPhone 11 will need to spend a bit more to get fast charging. Those who own a 12W charger for the iPad can use it to charge the iPhone 11 faster, iPhoneHacks noted. Otherwise, users will need to purchase Apple’s 29W USB adapter and USB-C to Lightning connector; or get a cheaper option like Anker’s 30W USB-C Wall charger.

6. Home Button

In iPhone 11 you can bring the virtual Home Button in the form of AssistiveTouch. To turn on this, go to the settings - General then go to Accessibility an then AssistiveTouch.

7. Slofie

Apple introduces “slofies” with the new iPhone 11 lineup. It’s basically a slow-motion video using the front camera. Users can do this by using the front camera, swiping over to the Slo-mo option, then recording a slow-motion video.

8. Ultra Wide Camera

The iPhone 11 adds an Ultra Wide Camera at the back for those wide shots. Simply tap on the 0.5x button when using the camera app to use the new sensor.

9. 4K Video recording

Go to Settings -> Camera -> Record Video and switch to 4K for Rear Sensor. From the same settings screen, you can change the resolution for the front-facing camera to 4K as well.

10. Burst Mode

To take photos in burst mode, you now tap on the shutter button and swipe left.

11. Gesture Typing

iPhone 11 ships with a huge improvement to the keyboard. You can now just swipe your finger on the letters on the keyboard to form words. This is similar to how the SwiftKey and Gboard app works.

12. Using Face ID

Face ID in the new iPhone 11 series is 30% faster. And it works on greater angles. So even if your iPhone is not exactly in front of your face, Face ID will now unlock your phone for you.

13. Edit Photos

You’ve got photos from Smart HDR mode or from Halide. They’re pretty good, but you can make them even better using a photo editing app. Snapseed and Darkroom are our favorites. Both are intuitive to use. Darkroom has an amazing collection of filters to choose from.

14. Disable Tap to Wake

Tap to Wake feature can be quite useful. But it’s also prone to accidental taps. If you want to disable it, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Tap to Wake.

15. Any Zoom Level

While the buttons give you a precise zoom level, you can also use a zoom level. The cameras will switch seamlessly in the background. Just swipe on the zoom level buttons to reveal and dial. Swipe on it to change the zoom level.

16. Zoom Out to Ultra Wide Camera

When you take a photo, the iPhone 11 captures the shot from both the wide and the ultra-wide sensor. And it keeps the ultra-wide photo around for a while. So you can go into the editing screen and zoom out to add details that were captured from the ultra-wide photo later on.

17. QuickTake Feature

This is a new feature in the Camera app that will ship in a few weeks after the iPhone 11 release. Now tap and hold on the shutter button to instantly start shooting a video, similar to how it works in Snapchat. The video will stay in the same frame and shot as the photo, which is very impressive.

If you want to keep recording the video for a longer time, you can swipe right on the shutter to lock it into video recording mode.

18. RAW Format Photos

The iPhone 11 takes amazing pictures thanks to the new Smart HDR mode. But what if you want to take matters in your own hand? Use an app like Halide to capture images in RAW format, with manual controls. You can set the exposure, focus, brightness, and more. The app also has an amazing Depth mode.

19. Attention Awareness Feature

Apple uses the Face ID system to determine if you’re looking at your phone or not. And based on that, it can do different things. For example, it can dim the screen when you’re not paying attention, or automatically silence the phone. But if you don’t want Apple to do these things for you, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Attention Aware Features and turn the feature off.

20. Direct Transfer Method

If you’re using an iPhone with iOS 12.4 and higher, you can use the new direct transfer method for setting up your iPhone. When you come to the Transfer Your Data screen, tap on the Transfer From iPhone option to transfer the data wirelessly from your old iPhone. This transfer happens on a device-to-device basis and doesn’t involve iCloud. So the transfer will be faster and you’ll find all your apps and photos in the same state.

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