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How To Make Blue Tick Mark ID or Page On Facebook

How To Make Blue Tick Mark ID On Facebook

How To Make Blue Tick Mark ID On Facebook

Blue Tick Mark ID

The blue verification badge lets people know that a Page or profile of public interest is authentic. You’ll see a blue badge next to a verified Page or profile’s name. These Pages and profiles may include.

However before it was done automatically totally but now Facebook had allowed its users to submit a request for verification of pages. Now We Learn you that How We Can Make Blue Tick Mark ID.

Currently Facebook is only verifying Public Figures or Celebrity pages only with an active fans and reaches of posts. Facebook apply the blue verification badge to eligible brands, media organizations and public figures.

Likes is not a criteria but I suggest you to have at least 5000+ likes on pages but not generated with any like for like websites or autolike websites.

In this Post i will show you the Two method, first method was the official way and 2nd method you can use if you can't be able to verify your id or page with blue badge.

Method 1 : How to get Verified on Facebook Profile or Page

To request a blue verification badge, your Page or profile must comply with Facebook's terms of service you can read this here and also have the following:

  • A cover photo on your page or profile.
  • A profile photo on your page or profile.
  • A name that follows Facebook's guidelines.
  • Content posted to the account.
  • “Follow” enabled if your are verifying the profile.
To get blue tick on Facebook, follow the steps below :-

1. First of visit the link below

2. Now select Page if you want to verified the page or select profile if you want to verified your profile.

3. Now if you selected the Profile, then paste your Facebook profile link there or If you select page, then select the page there which you want to verify.

How To Make Blue Tick Mark ID On Facebook

4. Now click on Choose file, Facebook require a copy of your official government-issued photo identification (example: passport, driver's license, national identification card) to validate your request. So click on Choose file and upload any one of them.

5. Now under Additional information, include additional information to help Facebook better review your request. Include a few sentences explaining why your Profile or Page should receive the blue verification badge and relevant URLs that help illustrate public interest for the account.

6. Now click on Submit.

After submitting, it will go under review and will take some time. It can take up to 6 hours or some time it can take 2 to 3 days or month. After that you will receive the notification and your page or account will be verify if it is eligible.

Method 2 : How to Get Blue tick on Facebook

If Method 1 didn't help you to get verified with the blue tick, then here's another method to help you get the tick with your name without any issue. This is not similar to real blue badge icon but will help you to get the tick with your name. So follow the steps below :-

1. First login to your Facebook account which you want to get the blue tick.

2. After that, visit the below link :-

3. Now type your first Name

How To Make Blue Tick Mark ID On Facebook

4. Now Type the Second name and paste the following tick at the last of the second name.


How To Make Blue Tick Mark ID On Facebook

5. Now select the reason, Change Language

How To Make Blue Tick Mark ID On Facebook

6. Now upload any proof with the same name and date of birth of your Facebook account.

7. Now click on Choose file and upload the proof.

8. Now click on Send.

Now after sending you have to wait few hours or sometime it takes 2 to 3 days, and after waiting your Facebook account name will be changed and then you can see the tick at the end of your name.

So this is the way to make blue tick mark id on Facebook. If you still have any question the you can ask me in the comment section below. Keep Visiting QasimTricks for more contents like this.

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