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iPhone SE 2 2020 design and leaks revealed

(Image source: iGeeksBlog & OnLeaks)

iPhone SE 2 2020 design and leaks revealed

The iPhone SE2 which is revealed in four colors, with a single camera and huge screen frames on new renders. The fact that Apple is working on the successor to the iPhone SE has been said more than once. The premiere of the news is expected in the first half of this year. For example, it could be released in March with the iPad Pro 2020. In the meantime, at least a couple of months remaining before the premiere of the device, we suggest looking at its new renderings. 

(Image source: iGeeksBlog & OnLeaks)0

The iPhone SE2 will have at least four color versions. The design of the device is in the spirit of its predecessor with huge (by today's standards) screen frames. Although in comparison with the original, they are likely to become smaller. The main camera of the model is single. It is reported that the presentation of this flagship, namely a public one, will take place in the next two months, as a result of which soon all people will have the opportunity to easily and simply buy iPhone SE 2. This device has a glass case in the style of the iPhone 4, that is, the back and front such are made of glass, while the mainframe is made of metal. 

iPhone SE2 Price

The mobile device, according to sources, is equipped with a 4.7-inch IPS screen with HD resolution, a powerful Apple A13 flagship processor, 3 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of memory, a Lightning connector for charging and connecting accessories, and there’s a familiar 3.5mm headphone jack is clearly “shown” to this unit, so you will enjoy it in this year. It is not yet clear what designation this model will be used for: different sources refer to both iPhone SE2 and iPhone 9 as possible options. But at the same time, they both agree that the price of the new product will be $ 400. 

iPhone SE2 Specifications

According to rumors, internally they will become full copies of the iPhone 11. They will be based on the A13 Bionic processor, 3 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of internal storage. The cameras of the devices will probably also undergo some upgrade and learn how to take portrait photographs, photographs of the “portrait lighting” format and shoot in other modes. At the same time, the retail price for the basic version of the smartphone will be $ 399 - exactly the same as the original iPhone SE 2 cost at the start. iPhone SE 2 will not.

 But what about the iPhone 9? Most likely, the new items in question will be released in March this year. And since Apple has unused iPhone 9 and 9 Plus brands in stock, it is likely that these names will be assigned to future devices. In any case, this would be more logical than calling them something like the iPhone SE 2 and 
iPhone SE 2 Plus, especially since they practically have nothing to do with the original iPhone SE, either in appearance or in size, or even more so in the set of technical characteristics. 

Even conceptually comparing them, in my opinion, is not entirely true, because the original was knocked out of the general line, and these will be very appropriate to complement it. 

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