Apple announces new iPhone SE - Specs and Price

Apple announces new iPhone SE - Specs and Price

Apple announces new iPhone SE

Apple just announced that they're releasing a brand new iPhone SE now we've been hearing quite a few rumors about this for some time now and it is finally here.

Now the iPhone SE was really popular in the past it was always that great option to get if someone didn't want to use a really big phone since apples coming out with phones with much larger displays these days.

And if you're someone who just couldn't get over the wave phones used to be in the past where they had a smaller display it was very comfortable in the hand then you had this as an option.

iPhone SE 2 Specs

Now, these were always a lot cheaper but came out with pretty decent specs and this is no different while this iPhone SE has the body of an iPhone 8 it pretty much has the internals of an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro.

Which does mean we're getting the A13 Bionic processor in here so there isn't gonna be much that this phone can't do that the new ones can besides taking pictures and that kind of thing the cameras here are a bit different.

So instead of a dual camera lens system or a triple camera lens system, we're rocking one 12 megapixel shooter in the back and they're pretty much treating this the same way they treated the iPhone 10 is and when the iPhone 10 are you only have that single camera lens in the back but you were still able to do things like take portrait mode photos.

But of course, there was a limitation to it because they didn't have the extra lens so portrait mode photos will only work on humans so only human faces that's the only way you'll get it to work.

So if you wanted to take a picture of your dog or maybe some kind of anything like a flower whatever it may be you won't really be able to pull that off.

And I feel like for most people that's not going to be a really big deal because most of the time people are taking pictures of themselves or each other you still be able to take advantage of like some of those portrait mode effects with the studio lighting and the black-and-white you'll be able to still do all that you just won't get the ability to do other objects.

Now something else that you'll be able to still do with the camera is you know take that 4k video and this makes sense you still got that a 13 Bionic processor inside so we're not gonna see features like that go away so if you want that nice 4k video you're still gonna to have the to do that with this camera now real quick.

iPhone SE 2 Display, Size, and Body

Let's jump back to the fact that this is in the body of an iPhone 8 so in the iPhone 8, we had a few different things this was a 4.7-inch display so that means you know you got that smaller screen.

But like I said it was much easier to hold in the hand that's something a lot of people were used to it is bigger than the original iPhone SE which had belief 84 points no it was a 4-inch display.

So it had a smaller display but this one is a little bit bigger still very comfortable to hold in the hand and you got stuff like touch ID you guys that home button is back so you still have access to things like touch ID.

Which honestly was just so so good it was easy to just unlock the phone you just pick it up press the button and boom you're in it was a really really smooth experience.

I understand getting away from the buttons in front of the screen and all that I get it but it was a nice experience so I think that anybody who picks this up is gonna have a really easy and nice smooth time because you can also jump into apps.

If you needed to put in a password you can do that authorize certain things you can just use touch ID it was just an awesome experience and I'm glad that it's back in some capacity.

And the iPhone 8 was originally the first iPhone to introduce wireless charging because of that glass back and thankfully even though this is one of those you know cheaper models you still have access to features like that.

So you can still wirelessly charge with this device and Apple to change up the design of the back just a little bit to match the new iPhone 11 the Apple logo is now right in the center and there are no other words so it's just a clean back with the Apple logo in the middle.

And speaking of the looks Apple has come out with three different colors for this se you've got black white and of course product red so you have those three options in terms of the colors.

So you can you know kind of go with whatever you want but obviously black is the way to go now if you decided you want to pick one of these up how much would it cost you right.

iPhone SE Price

so Apple is offering a 64 GB version a 128 GB as well as a 256 they're all starting at 399.

And I believe the upper tiers are for 449 and 549 Oh guys this is a 2020 iPhone even though it has a much smaller display smaller body all that stuff but as a 2020 iPhone.

It has the same power as the iPhone 11 in terms of the processor and it starts at 400 bucks that are going to be a very very enticing offer for a lot of people out there like.

I do feel like this is going to be something that's gonna be extremely popular I think Apple is pretty proud that they've sold a lot of 4.7-inch devices.

I think they've sold over 500 million and they're actually pretty happy about that so they want to continue that it just makes sense honestly you wouldn't put the iPhone SE in the body of an iPhone 10 or something.

If you want something that has a similar design to you know bigger displays you just go with like an iPhone 11 or 10 R or something.

iPhone SE Battery and Charging

This phone even gives you access to fast charging so if you have one of Apple's 18-watt chargers you plug that guy in and in just about 30 minutes you get 50% battery back.

And I think people who get this phone and have an experienced fast charging in the past are really going to enjoy that feature.

iPhone SE 2 Release Date

Pre-orders for this phone are gonna go up on Friday, April 17th and they'll officially be available on the 24th.

So I'm curious to know what you guys think of Apple doing this I think it's something we all saw coming we've been talking about the next version of these for quite some time.

We've been seeing a lot of rumors about it but it is officially here but what do you guys think is this something that you would pick up maybe for yourself mom dad grandma.

I want to know what you guys think let me know what's comment down below hopefully you enjoyed this post.