Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro Full Review

Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro Full Review
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Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro Full Review

The OnePlus8 Pro and its little brother the one plus 8 are getting dangerously close to making me love it.

The specs of both the Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro are cutting-edge snapdragon 865 processors with 8 or 12 GB of ram 128 or 256 GB of high-speed UFS 3.0 storage, lightning-fast in-display fingerprint sensors.

Oneplus legendarily optimized oxygen OS Android variant + X 55 5 G modems for the latest in modern mobile connectivity that is assuming your neighbors haven't burned down.

All the nearby antennas and are just as pretty on the outside both the 8 and 8 Pro are aluminum and curved Gorilla Glass sandwich designs.

That reminds me very much of a galaxy s 9 and s 9 + but with a notification slider instead of a Bixby button.

And to be clear I intend that comparison in a good way the feel in the hand is absolutely wonderful with a subtly more rounded curve on the back and very smooth transitions from glass to metal to glass.

Oneplus 7 vs Oneplus 8

Well though that doesn't mean I don't have complaints Onepluses camera bump is extremely aggressive this year with the 8 pros in particular likely to cause some discomfort for those of us who go bareback with our devices now it wouldn't bother me quite so much if the ridge wasn't as sharp making it such a strong contrast against the smooth curvy feel of the rest of the device my other gripe is with the inclusion of a hole punch display last year 7 pro and 70 Pro used a motorized selfie camera that gave one plus my humble opinion the best implementation of an all-screen phone now I understand that this was to save weight and internal space and unofficially probably to improve the water-resistance that one plus builds in but doesn't certify on their phones but now we're stuck on both models regular and pro with an asymmetrical dead zone that makes me honestly think longingly of the anxiety that I used to feel about my fear of getting a dead or stuck pixel on my new monitor and not being able to return it.

Oneplus 8 Display

How far we've come at least the displays are a lot better than they used to be though both are high refresh rate OLED panels with a thin aspect ratio and outstanding color accuracy and HDR performance delivering a wonderful on-the-go movie watching experience coupled with the strong clear stereo speakers enough of what's the same between the two devices though let's talk about what is different the a pro is a touch larger and about 10 percent heavier now it's not a huge difference on paper but in practice it makes them feel kind of like his-and-hers devices it also comes with some extra features I'm gonna start with the least important ones M EMC or motion estimation motion compensation technology is that high frame rate video conversion mode that sports fans leave enabled on their TVs that makes everything look like a cheap soap opera at best and an artifact ridden pile of garbage at worst.

It's obviously thankfully it's turned off by default so good job  Oneplus there's the adaptive color temperature.

I also turned this off I don't like it on iPhones and I don't like it here but what it has got that I do like is a 200 NIT brighter and higher resolution display.

Now at this kind of size, the difference between 1080p and 1440p is something that I would have to be trying to read my Google Docs in their thumbnail preview.

In order to notice but it is there and on the one plus 8 Pro it's the only way I'm aware of to have both your high-resolution cake and eat your 120 Hertz refresh rate to yes my friends.

Unlike Samsung who locked out simultaneously maxing the refresh rate and resolution of their s20 lineup, one plus has allowed their users both silky smooth scrolling and ultra-sharp picture quality.

Now I didn't find myself noticing the 120 Hertz difference much after the initial whoa gee this is so smooth excitement because ninety Hertz feels pretty good too. 

Oneplus 8 Battery

The upgrade to faster more power-efficient lpddr4 am and the 210 milliamp-hour bigger battery what the hey how does well keep it enabled bringing us.

Finally to a really really big one warp charge 30 T 30 watt charging that well okay actually strictly speaking they do both have that.

But the difference is that the 8 pro does it wirelessly I read that and I was like what it's true my friends if you're willing to endure the whiny fan noise of one plus warp charge 30 wireless chargers.

And the fact that your phone will still be noticeably warm to the touch when you pick it up in spite of the charger's built-in cooling fan you can wirelessly charge your one plus 8 Pro faster than most of your friends are topping up with a cable.

And a standard wall wart and it's got reverse charging to which can be handy.

Oneplus 8 Body

If you use wireless earbuds which you will because no headphone jack there I got that in there there's no headphone jack finally there's the camera hardware instead of a primary ultra-wide.

And macro loadout the pro gets a primary ultra-wide optically stabilized 3x hybrid zoom telephoto with a fourth color filter camera that's supposed to allow you to apply various lighting effects and filters.

I don't know I'll leave it to the instagramers to tell you how good that is because I'm not really into that stuff as for whether the other cameras held up to my expectations.

Oneplus 8 and 8 Pro price

This is the one part of this review where things get a little bit tough for me I already alluded to one plusses abandonment of their flagship killer positioning.

And so I guess I might as well say it the Oneplus 8 starts at 700 US dollars and the fully loaded a pro costs 1000 now I can forgive a solid if not industry-leading camera.

When you're not flirting with the $1,000 price barrier but when you're night mode performance gets crushed by my two-year-old daily driver note 9.

And then utterly embarrassed by an iPhone 11 Pro it starts to raise some uncomfortable questions now the hardware itself is the pop shelf I'm especially impressed by the inclusion of 248-megapixel sensors in the 8 pro 1 cutting-edge model of the main shooter.

And a lower tier one in the wide and I generally like one Plus's approach to software processing they take a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach to colors that I respect a lot compared to some manufacturers tend to overcompensate for poor lighting to the point where you end up capturing a completely different looking scene.

But there are definitely going to be edge cases if you buy this device and particularly its little brother where you're going to be acutely aware.

That it is no, in fact, an iPhone or a pixel in your hands and it's always going to be apparent when you're shooting video this footage of our cat - shows the inconsistency of one plus on the fly white balance and also what a blocky mess her fur turns into shows the relatively poor processing under poor indoor lighting conditions.

The sub 1 plus is a sleeve that might counterbalance the camera for a lot of people though is oxygen or less it is such an apt name for it because the switch from anything else feels like such a breath of fresh air I mean.

It's almost fast to its own detriment sometimes double-clicking the lock button to launch the camera while the display is on will lock the phone then it's like oh snap you want the camera.

And it wakes the phone back up then launches the camera almost as quickly as an iPhone 11 pro just launches the camera app to be clear I'm not hating on the iPhone either it's a really fast phone.

I'm just saying that this is darn impressive and it's clear that one plus has made the right investments over the last few years the writing's been on the wall for the hardware race for some time phone processors.

Just aren't going to get faster the way that they used to look at the marginal improvements from the 2018 to 2020 iPad pros it's all gonna be in software moving forward.

And oxygen OS with its snappiness and all-day everyday battery management is one of the best if not the best Android is out there.

If you can afford it something I've never had to say before as for me I don't have to afford it.

So the only question left to answer does I go for it do I put a notch in my pocket and give up my headphone jack for this snappy lightning-fast experience.

I think I'm gonna give it a try I use my ear pods pros more often than anything else these days anyway and the Galaxy fold rest in peace the YouTube app doesn't support stories that I need for work.

So I haven't been able to use that already had a notch and so I guess I kind of like moved on I might end up moving back though.