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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 latest News and Features

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 latest News and Features -

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 latest News and Features

The Samsung Galaxy fold 2 is coming with the feature we've all been waiting for and I'll be sharing the details right here in this article.

So the galaxy fold 2 is gonna be the most premium Samsung phone this year we've had confirmation it's coming some more stunning renders camera and color configuration leaks as well as news that the feature we've all been waiting for is coming.

When Samsung addressed the current outbreak in an official statement part of that said specifically that they would continue to offer differentiated products including the ones in the premium segment with the launch of the foldable phone and of course the note so anyone worried that the outbreak could have stopped the fold there's no need to worry because it is coming.

We're still seeing many new concept videos as well but unfortunately, most of them are just that were they look incredible what they're just concepts and they're not based on leaks a Korean publication has however advised that we'll be getting it the same color variants as last time we'll also be getting some new ones the new photo is gonna come up with a new Astro green and a Martian blue so it's great news for those that the one a bit more of an out-there color.

Galaxy Fold 2 Display

Next up we've got news about the display and this is where the very good news is Ross Young the CEO of display supply chain consultants has been pouring out leaks for many different manufacturers displays and it seems he is a very reliable source he states at the galaxy fold 2 what wallet is its own device in its own range it's also going to be seen as the most premium note in a way and that's why we won't be seeing a Galaxy Note ultra he states that the Samsung Galaxy fold 2 is coming with a 7.59-inch display at a resolution of 22:13 by 1689 which provides 372 pixels per inch.

He also advises that the Samsung Galaxy fold 2 is gonna be coming with a 120 Hertz the galaxy fold 2 is reportedly gonna have a punch-hole camera on both the inner and the outer display and it's gonna be available in a choice of 4G LTE and 5g now for the very good news you've all been waiting for in the galaxy fold 2 what we'll see upgraded batteries and cameras.

But most of all you probably guessed it we're finally gonna be getting an S Pen apparently the flexible OLED display is now durable enough for use of an S Pen which sort of makes sense if it is gonna be the most premium phone they offer and launched alongside the Note a folding device with an S Pen is what many of you request in the comments so we can only hope that Ross is correct and it's what we see this year.

Galaxy Fold 2 Camera

When it comes to the camera configuration at report state we'll be getting a triple camera setup on the rear of the fold - it said to be coming with a 12-megapixel primary sensor a 64-megapixel telephoto and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide.

Galaxy Fold 2 Pricing

When it comes to pricing we've got even more good news apparently the galaxy fold 2 is expected to be priced in a hundred dollars less than last year and this is to boost the sales as we expect on the launch price of $1880 now of course that this is by no means cheap and it's still a very luxury device with an even more luxury price tag but it is a step in the right direction.

Galaxy Fold 2 Launch Date

So many rumors suggesting that the launch event is gonna be held in August and that the galaxy fold 2 is gonna be launching alongside the Note we still haven't had any confirmations from Samsung but as soon as we hear something I'll be letting you guys know.

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