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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Latest News Design, Launch, Fast charging

Samsung Galaxy Fold Latest News Design, Launch, Fast charging -

Samsung Galaxy Fold Latest News Design, Launch, Fast charging

The Samsung Galaxy fold 2 is an incredible device coming very soon and I'll be sharing the details right here in this post.

We've got more information on the Samsung galaxy fold 2, we've got news of its design, its launch date, fast charging capabilities, and some stunning 3d renders of the upcoming smartphone.

Galaxy Fold 2 Camera

Reliable leaker Ice Universe has advised that weather selfie camera is going to be placed on the galaxy fold 2 well it looks like a strange position. It is of course because it has to be placed away from the other lenses on the phone and to be honest it is already starting to grow on me.

More sources are now agreeing with ice universe we've even had Ben Geskin insiders providing us with new 360 renders of the Samsung Galaxy fold 2 now it's important to note that this could still be wrong but when we do have multiple sources providing the same information and it's likely that it's true.

The information from bytes insiders has also provided us with the spec sheet for those that are interested again it's important to note that this information from their sources that may not be 100% correct.

Galaxy Fold 2 Display

But they do seem quite likely it confirms that the things we want to see on the Galaxy fold 2 though like a 128 display which is also an LTPO OLED panel and means it should help with the battery efficiency.

We also have large storage options a large battery the snapdragon 865 plus and plenty of color choices if this information is even somewhat true then it's definitely going to be a popular device.

We also have the galaxy fold 2 passed through the 3c certification yesterday all these certifications don't reveal too much about the smartphone. It of course confirms that it is coming, it can 5G connectivity.

Galaxy Fold 2 Charger

And it also confirmed that the Galaxy fold 2 is coming with a 25-watt charger. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that it's max charging capability is 25 watts but it does mean that that's what it's packaged with.

Galaxy Fold 2 Launch Date

When it comes to launching most people are pretty certain that August 5 is going to be the day so it's not long until we find out so in less than a month Samsung is reportedly going to unveil the device to the world.

Galaxy Fold 2 Price

Unfortunately, we don't have any more solid information on the price and the only thing we've had to go on so far is Ross Young's estimation of $1,800 we're expecting a very pricey note 20 though so this could mean that the galaxy folds 2 what launches at an even higher price in 1800.

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