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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Latest News, hands-on video, launch date

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Latest News, hands-on video, launch date -

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Latest News

So we now have a huge amount of leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the note 20 ultras, we have a hands-on video to share confirmation of the new S Pen features in the official launch of the galaxy note 20 series.

Galaxy Note 20 Launch Date

The first story of the day though and a very quick one is, of course, the official launch of the Galaxy Note 20 all the leakers have told us that it was going to be the 5th of August and Samsung have officially confirmed it with their new teaser video showing the bronze s-pen followed by a galaxy unpacked August 5th.

Galaxy Note 20 Hands-on Video

Next up we've got a hands-on video of the Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra and I have to say it looks stunning, Jimmy is promo shared now provided a video he starts off by showing us the phone in use and going through the settings where he confirms the model number of SMN 986u and that his note 20 is running One UI at version 2.5, of course, he stuck paper over certain aspects and that's probably to hide things that could identify at this specific model.

Next up we've got the Galaxy Note 20 ultra next to its predecessor and you can see it's pretty much had everything on the bottom mirrored with everything on opposite sides next he removes the S Pen from the Galaxy Note 20 and its predecessor and he swaps them round to show us that size and design-wise that they're exactly the same.

To be honest we weren't expecting the design of these to change much and only new features to be present we then get a shot of both backs showing us that the note 20 is a little bit larger but that's no surprise given it's got a six-point nine inches bleh we then get a look at the new s-pen point to feature on the note 20 ultras and it tells us we can press and hold the S Pen to move the pointer around on the screen like a mouse cursor.

It's essentially a laser pointer but on your first display and it allows us to choose color choose the size and even choose a trail well this does seem like a cool feature in practice I don't think it's something that I would use myself we then get a good look at the thickness of the no.20 ultra.

It is looking very thin it's flat on the top and the bottom and the camera bump does protrude a fairway out of the back glass although many are complaining it's large I really like the new camera housing and I think it is giving the no.20 ultra a very premium look.

Now of course Samsung won't just be delivering note 20 on the 5th of August they'll be showcasing a host of other phones as well as the smaller galaxy note 20.

Watch Samsung Galaxy Hands-on video:

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