Apple iPad Mini 6 Latest News 2021

Apple iPad Mini 6 Latest News 2021
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Apple iPad Mini 6

The iPad Mini 6 has been revealed along with some key specifications and we'll be sharing the details right here in this post.

Today we have some new information on the key specs of the iPad Mini 6 along with a reveal of the stunning new iPad.

iPad Mini 6 Launch Date

So while many thought that we could be seeing the iPad Mini 6 at the end of last year.

Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated it would be the first half of 2021 and it seems that he was right again. 

With its predecessor launching in March 2019, it could also be that we see it this month, or maybe even next month is a refresh two years later does make sense.

While it will of course be the iPad Mini 6 as it is the sixth generation Mini iPad there are new rumors that say it could be sold as the iPad Mini pro.

This information comes from a new report from the Korean blog Naver.

He stated that the new iPad Mini pro or iPad Mini 6 has allegedly passed Apple's initial research development and planning stages and it's about to begin the design validation testing. 

We also had exactly the same information provided by Chinese leaker Kang.

So the leak is gaining plenty of traction.

If this is the case though then it means that we're definitely going to be waiting a little bit longer and it wouldn't be released in March.

iPad Mini 6 Display Size

Now Ming-Chi Kuo has already advised that the iPad Mini 6 is going to be increasing its display size from 7.9 inches all the way up to 9.

This would be a desirable improvement and could easily be achieved by reducing the bezels. 

Although other reports are suggesting that the device will be larger but bezels are going to remain the same. 

Now Mac Otakara disagrees and he states that the iPad Mini 6 is coming with an 8.4-inch display.

But take this with a grain of salt for now as Mac Otakara does seem to say a lot and Ming-Chi Kuo is often very reliable.

Mini LED Display on iPad Mini

There are also rumors of a Mini-led display on the iPad Mini 6 but to be honest this just can't be true.

Well, we know Apple is working on this new technology it's no doubt going to debut in the iPad Pro and not the Mini.

Now of course this could also be why it's called the iPad Mini pro because of a Mini LED display.

But I'll save the speculation for now until we get some solid information. 

iPad Mini 6 Renders

Now next up we get a look at what we could be expecting for the iPad Mini 6 or iPad Mini pro.

As many are claiming the renders come courtesy of Svet Apple.

And first of all, they give us renders of the iPad Mini 6 alongside other devices such as the pro and the air. 

We then get a few different shots of the iPad Mini 6 on its own from multiple different angles and then finally we get the shots on the table alongside the iMac.

In their report, they also detail a lot of the specs for the iPad Mini 6 but it's very important to note that they do not say where this information comes from.

There's no mention of leaked cads or sources so this could well just be their concept with estimated specs quite frankly.

Though I think this is pretty much what we can expect to see it from the iPad Mini 6 and find it very unlikely that they'd release a design similar to the fifth generation.

The design also falls in line with the renders that we previously had from pigtail that was based on leap cad.

The only real difference here being the touch id.

Now overall I think it's looking like a great design and I think these renders are at least very close to the final product.

We'll see the iPad Mini 6 will no doubt take a more full-screen approach in comparison to its predecessor along with refresh hardware like the A14 to make it relevant for today's use.

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