Apple iPad Pro 2021 Latest News Design, Specs & Launch Date

Apple iPad Pro 2021 Latest News Design, Specs & Launch Date
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Apple iPad Pros 2021 Design, Specs 7 Launch Date

The Apple iPad Pro is about to launch with some incredible new hardware.

We've got some incredible news about the iPad Pro 2021 including its design its specs and the imminent launch date.

Apple iPad Pro Launch Date

So first of all we've got the launch date of the iPad Pro 2021 pretty much confirmed is the 23rd of March. 

Now this date has been published by many different sources and Jon Prosser has recently tweeted to back this up.

When it comes to launching dates Jon Prosser pretty much always gives us the right date.

So we can be pretty certain this is true.

Now it's also looking like this is going to be a launch event for a few different Products.

Including the much-awaited Air tags, the new Airpods, and of course the iPad Pros 2021.

Apple New 3rd-Generation Pencil

We've also got the reveal of the new third-generation Apple pencil after Mr. White posted the image to Twitter.

Of course, it's the same design we all know and expected although this one appears to have gone back to a glossy finish.

The tip has been removed and it's also a rather large tip in comparison to the current generation.

And while no details were given on this there is a possibility that it could be due to a new feature that Apple patented some time ago.

The new feature could be a color sensor inside the tip and this would allow users to sample colors from the real world.

And then use them on the Apple device with no evidence.

To back this up its simply just wishful thinking but I really hope this one is true.

Apple iPad Pros 2021 Display

There's of course been a lot of news and speculation regarding an incredible new display for the iPad Pro 2021 over the past few months. 

And today we've got more confirmations a new report from DigiTimes has stated that the display maker GIS has been wrapping up Production for a New Product launch which is very much believed to be the iPad Pro.

The new technology is of course mini LED which can improve on the predecessor display in several different ways.

The mini LED display is going to improve contrast ratios, Provide deeper blacks and enhance the brightness.

Interestingly enough it was all reported around the 12.9 inch iPad Pro and there's no mention of the 11-inch model.

Both models will be launching together so it could be that only the large one gets the new mini led display.

Well, we hope that's not the case it's looking very likely.

iPad Pros 2021 Processor

We also have plenty of sources stating that the iPad Pro 2021 is gonna be powered by the new M1 chipset.

But it appears to be incorrect it seems like there has been a little bit of confusion after Mark Gurman stated it would come with a Processor on par with the M1.

Many took this as it's coming with it.

We being told it's going to be using a modified version of the A14 and many are believing that they're going to call this the A14x.

Of course a similar situation we saw last time with the A12z.

We're of course also expecting the upgrade to 5G for those of you purchasing the cellular models.

Now when it comes to the design there aren't any major changes cosmetically.

The predecessor was very successful so at this moment in time there's no real need for Apple to change things.

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