How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically - 6 Easy Ways

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically - 6 Easy Ways

As a business or brand owner, you need a solid social presence to gain online visibility and draw in more sales.

Getting engaged with your potential customers and growing conversions is easier than before using social media.

However, it isn't as simple as you think; you need to sharpen your strategies for getting organic followers on a social media platform like Instagram. You will have more opportunities to engage with users if you have a larger following.

You may have heard about getting more followers and sites with some money, but these are not worth it.

The Instagram algorithm decides your account's worth and works on getting low-quality accounts and interactions to get removed from the platform.

It would be best to start building on a fan base that engages with your brand.

Here are some fantastic and practical tips to get you started getting organic followers for your Instagram.

Stay Consistent with Posts

You need to be consistent with your posts but simultaneously make sure to post at a specific time or day. If you get many followers initially, you need to keep them engaged by posting quality content regularly.

Typically, as a brand, you shouldn't put up posts more than a few times a day, as fans would think of it as spam. You can research the best times for posts.

This way, your followers will wait for a specific time or day for your post to appear so that they can comment and like. It would help you gain the most likes and engagement just after your post.

Prefer Quality over Quantity

Just for the sake of getting more followers, you shouldn't compromise on quality over quantity.

You could be thinking about posting more content but fail to put more thought into them. For a post to be of excellent quality, you need to ensure the following points:

  • Educate your audience on a particular topic they can relate to
  • Motivate and inspire your followers, so they keep coming back to your page
  • Make sure to keep up with new trends and discuss them
  • Answer fan questions on your stories or in comments below the post
  • Share information on your work operations to gain trust and credibility as a brand
  • Search on how to make a video for Instagram to ensure consistent and quality content.

Get Your Followers Engaged with UGC

User-generated content (UGC) is when your followers create content regarding your products or services or your brand in general.

It is a perfect brand endorsement and marketing strategy for non-followers to think about your brand seriously.

Moreover, you can re-share the UGC using your account. It helps build trust among your new followers for your brand.

Start Making Instagram Reels

You could be missing out on many opportunities if you haven't started sharing Instagram reels.

Use an Instagram video maker to edit short videos and post them as your reels video. Since the audience is now very much interested in watching short, exciting videos, it is an effective way to attract new followers.

Instagram users even watch Instagram reels of people they don't follow. To get the best results from your reels, you need to follow the tips below.

  • Add trending sounds to your videos
  • Keep the reels short so that users can repeatedly view it
  • Create your original content by being creative
  • Use hashtags in your reels that represent the content, and don't forget to include your brand name
  • Add on-screen text for the audience since some people watch reels without sound

Even if your brand does not seem fit for Instagram reels, there are many ways to make it happen and get success out of it.

Host a Giveaway

A giveaway prize can be very effective in growing your followers. Engaging with old and new followers is the number one key factor for increasing your online presence.

Host a giveaway with a partner that interests your target audience. Set your requirements for a giveaway post. Users must follow your account and others to be eligible, and they have to share your Instagram reels and tag their friends in the comments section.

Avoid Fake Followers

You may feel tempted to gain Instagram followers through paid solutions but gaining organic followers is more valuable.

Here are the reasons that have adverse effects on your Instagram because of fake followers.

Distracts New Followers

Build long-lasting relationships and grow your audience organically for better engagement.

Users usually check for an account's activity before deciding to follow them.

If a user finds an account inactive even with thousands of followers, it can lower its credibility and fail to build trust with the brand.

They Have No ROI

Your newly bought flowers won't purchase from your brand. Organic followers are your brand's real spenders and give your business monetary value.

If you gain real followers, they would most likely purchase since people follow accounts when they are interested in your brand.