Flywheel Growth Suite Review - Client Reporting Made Easy With This


Flywheel Growth Suite Review Client Reporting Made Easy With This

Flywheel Growth Suite

If you're the owner of an agency or freelancer, then you know that running or growing a business is not easy.

But with Flywheel Growth Suite, things get very easy and smooth for businesses.

Flywheel Growth Suite is a client-focused product that gives you freedom of mind when your agency is at its growing stage, and comes with features like WordPress-managed hosting, billing, reporting, management, and a lot more other stuff.

Advantages of Flywheel Growth Suite

  • Bill clients for recurring as well as one-off services.
  • Automation helps you save a lot of time.
  • Delight your clients with your branded reports.
  • Bill clients in their currency.
  • Make valuable decisions with meaningful data at your fingertips.
  • Get a birds-eye view of your business in the dashboard.
  • Easily manage all your sites and clients from one place.
  • Get all services under one roof.

Top Features of Flywheel Growth Suite

1. Growth dashboard

Their dashboard displays the Cash flow insights at your fingertips, you can easily take a look and get the details of the upcoming, received, pending, and unpaid status of your payments.

dashboard look of flywheel growth suite

2. Recurring and one-time invoicing

With just a click, you can create an invoice, invoicing enables you to meet your client’s needs. It not only prepares your invoice but also generates the invoice that is required from your client.

Also, it's really easy to map the recurring payments with Flywheel Growth Suite.

client reporting in Flywheel Growth Suite

3. Client management

You can readily house all your clients and their information in one single platform.

4. Bulk site management

Flywheel Growth Suite provides a single place to sort and filter all of your sites, so you can see and manage each of your websites regularly.

Client Reporting Made Easy With Flywheel Growth Suite

Client Reporting is a way to show clients the progress of their project, you’ll be able to easily create reports for clients so they can see what kind of value you offer them.

Flywheel Growth suite client reports make it easy for agency owners or other digital service providers to display their success and emphasize their value to current and potential clients all in one simple.

Features & Benefits Flywheel Growth Suite Client Reporting

1. Track Plugin Status

You can easily track the plugin status, so you can always stay on top of things and catch any issues as soon as possible. 

2. Google Analytics

With Flywheel Growth Suite’s high-level analysis of Google Analytics,  you’ll be able to receive reports analyzing valuable data like your website’s traffic, speed, and demographic info.

3. Security

Flywheel stays on top of it all with regular security updates like data encryption, two-factor authentication, encrypted communication, and standardized updates to both hardware and software.

4. Conversion tracking

Flywheel provides conversion tracking through Growth Suite, which means you will be able to see exactly how customers interact with your ads and which campaigns are the most effective.

5. Client reporting is easier

With Flywheel Growth Suite, client reporting is not a hard process. It will help you send and create branded reports automatically in an easy way and save a lot of time.

6. Key Performance Indicators

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is a way to control business and count business performance, it's very important in client reporting and clients like this.

Flywheel Growth Suite is integrated with google analytics, you can send the data like returning visitors, conversion rate, new users, organic traffic, and more, exactly the data clients want.


If you’re looking to grow your business, Growth Suite is for you. Flywheel Growth Suite is a set of tools specifically designed to help you accomplish your agency goals.

You can efficiently manage your clients, business, and website in one single dashboard through Flywheel Growth Suite.

Client Reports are one great feature of Flywheel’s services, there’s a lot more to benefit from.

It helps you grow your business by providing you with the data, site performance updates, google analytics integration, and more to improve your agency.

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